Chip’s ‘Top-Rated’ Prime-Time Stand-Alone Winner
(NFL) Minnesota vs. Denver, 11/19/2023 8:20 PM, Score: 20 - 21
Point Spread: -2.50 | -117.00 Denver (Home)
Result: Loss
Minnesota at Denver 8:15 ET
Broncos over Vikings- As Dandy Don used to say ‘turn out the lights sweet darling, the party’s over’...So much for Minnesota quarterback, astronaut, doctor, physics theorist and all around talent is about to meet his Waterloo Sunday night. No question Josha Dobbs has been a great story but he has been a starter for three different teams with in four months and maybe there is a reason teams were willing to part with him so quickly. The Broncos have gained confidence and this is the best Wilson has played in three years. Take DENVER!