5* Best Bet
(NCAAF) Georgia vs. Alabama, 10/17/2020 8:00 PM, Score: 24 - 41
Point Spread: -3.50 | -110.00 Alabama (Home)
Bookmaker: PinnacleSports
Result: Win
Taking ALABAMA. Covid for Nick. Ok. I still have Sark on the sidelines. Who has more to prove than this guy? Hot shot OC. HC in Washington. Back to USC. Drinks way out of job. Gets gig in Bama. Leaves for NFL. Comes back to college. Look. It's a Wednesday night. Who knows where Nick will be on Saturday night. What I do know is that the defense will be up ready to eat glass after giving up 48 last week. Georgia defense a tough one to crack. But my money is on the Tide and their NFL ready skill position players. I would have been on this game at 6/6.5/7. I will be on it at 3.5/4. I just can't see this Georgia team putting up enough points to pull this thing out. And the line is short enough for me to think the defense will close any back door. Who has given the Tide hard times over the years? Cam. Tebow. Burrow. DeShaun and Trevor. Johnny Manziel. I'm not trying to knock Steson, but I can't put him in that kind of category. Bama defense with a bruised ego. Home game. Sark looking to show he can coach and maybe find another HC gig. Plus Saban doing whatever. Tide by 10. 5* Best Bet ALABAMA