4* Money Maker
(NCAAF) Texas A&M vs. Mississippi State, 10/17/2020 4:00 PM, Score: 28 - 14
Point Spread: -4.50 | -105.00 Texas A&M (Away)
Bookmaker: Bookmaker
Result: Win
Taking TEXA A&M. Yes. Normally you know I am fading away on A&M here off that last second win over Florida. But what we saw out of them in Alabama and in Florida - I have the faith they don't fall here. Jimbo needs to win some games. 9-4, 8-5 his 2 years College Station. I get wanting to grab the home dog here. 2 points last week! New HC Mike Leach talking about getting rid of 'malcontents' and kicking them off team. But hey, this team won what, 4 games last year. It will take a bit to get this roster to where he wants to be. Jimbo at least has a steady QB who can put the ball in the end-zone ( 7/1). 9 INTs for Leach's guy won't get it done. 6 TD seem to make it look good until you see 5 in one game vs LSU. We see where that LSU defense is right? The other QB has checked in with 2 INTs in his brief time under center. Aggies should peel away by double digits this afternoon. 4* Money Maker TEXAS A&M