(MLB) Tampa Bay vs. LA Dodgers, 10/27/2020 8:08 PM, Score: 1 - 3
Money Line: -126.00 LA Dodgers (Home)
Result: Win
We roll with the LA Dodgers here as we think the season is over for the Tampa Bay Rays. LA has been a lot better on offense in this series with a .278 batting average compaired to 235 for TB. 4 more HR's, more hits and less strikeouts.

Blake Snell has given up 8 walks in his last 2 games and with the World Series on the line, we think that he simply might not be sharp enough to win this game here as the Dodgers can win it all right here and right now. TI look for Gonsolin to pitch as well for the Dodgers to pick up the win here.