(NFL) Tampa Bay vs. New Orleans, 01/17/2021 6:40 PM, Score: 30 - 20
Point Spread: 3.00 | -110.00 Tampa Bay (Away)
Result: Win
TB is getting more comfortable each game and the offense is clicking.
Tom Brady has weapons with Evans, Antonio Brown and more.
Tampa Bay has won the first quarter in their last 3 games by a combined score of 32-3.

The Buccaneers can play defense well - as shown by their 7 games giving up 20 or less this season - they will not allow New Orleans the space they want. Ronald Jones II is banged up as well - but Leonard Fournette has also been good as a pass blocker and better with the more carries he gets. Even with so much working for them - Tampa Bay is right there with the Saints on many facets of the game.
In the first few meeting Brady had a bunch of INT's and turnovers. That wont happen here in the playoffs.

Play TB here on Sunday night plus the pts.