10* College Hoops Game of the Week
(NCAAB) Houston vs. Baylor, 02/24/2024 12:00 PM, Score: 82 - 76
Point Spread: 3.00 | -113.00 Baylor (Home)
Result: Loss
Love the spot here for Baylor who comes off a loss and probably should be a slight favorite here at home.
Baylor is 13-1 at home. This is a team that has had their struggles on the road, but they usually come back from road losses to win. Houston also is not a very good shooting team, but on the road, they are even worse, making 38.9% of their shots and 30.4% from long distance. Baylor is allowing just 30% of threes at home.
Not fully sold on Houston who struggles at times offensively Baylor can score and can also shoot over Houston’s elite defense.

We have enough of an edge where +2.5 is great value.