(NFL) Tennessee vs. Oakland, 11/24/2013 11:05 AM, Score: 23 - 19
Money Line: 100.00 Tennessee (Away)
Result: Win
On Sunday the Later Afternoon Double perfect Power Play is on the Tennessee Titans. Game 225 at 4;05 eastern. Oakland survived the shock value of the first game with the back up Qb. Now the reality sets in and the mistakes start to happen. Oakland is 0-14 to the spread off a spread win by 7 or more if they allowed more than 20 points. The Raiders are 0-15 to the spread as a home favorite of less than 4 points vs losing teams, while the Titans are 7-2 off back to back losses and 4-0 ats on the road. The Titans have covered the last 7 times vs teams who have the same exact record as they do. Finally home teams have been big time money burners off a road dog at +10 or more. The high end subset to that system is that they are a dog or favorite of less than 3 and the opponent scored 21+ points. We will back the Titans today.