Rob V: Late night MLB Power System Play out West
(MLB) San Diego vs. San Francisco, 09/15/2021 9:45 PM, Score: 9 - 6
Money Line: -103.00 San Francisco (Home)
Result: Loss
The MLB Late night Banger system is on SF at 9:45 eastern. SF fits a Powerful September specific System and has won 4 of 5 at home over the Padres and have beat Musgrove twice this year. The Padres are 7-20 vs Division teams of late and 0-5 vs winning teams while losing 13 of 16 in game 3 of a series. SF has won 5 of 6 vs winning teams and 41-12 after scoring 5 or more runs. Leone will pitch the first 2-3 innings then the bullpen. Move on SF