Rob V: Monday Comp Play
(MLB) Tampa Bay vs. Boston, 10/03/2022 7:10 PM, Score: 3 - 4
Money Line: -134.00 Tampa Bay (Away)
Result: Loss
Monday card starts the week off with the NFC WEST Game of the Month backed with an Undefeated system and a powerful 5* Diamond Cutter System in the National League Specific to game 160 of the season. Football overall ranked #1 this season. MLB Comp play below.

On Monday the MLB Play is on Tampa Bay at 7:10 eastern. The Rays fit a solid system that pertains to game 160 that plays on road favorites off a loss vs an opponent like Boston off a away dog loss. Tampa has Glasnow making his 2nd start back from Injury and he will take on E. Hill who has a 5>71 era at night and a 5+ era at home. Boston is 1-10 vs a starter with a 1.15 or less whip. Tampa has won 11 of 13 vs a lefty 16 of 23 vs a losing team and the last 4 in the series. Take Tampa Tonight. On Monday night Football our NFC West Play of the Month headlines with a Perfect system. We also have a 5* Diamond Cutter Also with a perfect system in MLB Action in the N.L. and it is specific to game 160 of the season. Jump on now as we continue to Dominate on the diamond and on the big field. For the MLB Comp play. Take Tampa. Rob V- Golden Contender Sports