(NBA) Sacramento vs. New Orleans, 04/19/2024 9:30 PM, Score: 98 - 105
Point Spread: 1.50 | -110.00 New Orleans (Home)
Result: Win
10* Pels (ASSASSIN)

Despite Zion sitting, with nearly 75% of the public money on the Kings, we're going full on contrarian here and taking the still dangerous home side, which we expect will find a way to deliver the goods and move on further into the Playoffs. The Kings got by their nemesis the Warriors and are now primed for a classic "letdown" in our opinion. New Orleans fought tooth and nail and fell 110-106 to the the Lakers. We think LA would have smashed Sacramento if they had to play the first game. Despite that though, Brandon Ingram and CJ McCollum are going to step up and fill the void here left by Zion's injury. The Pels were 7-5 in games without Zion this year and New Orleans has dominated this series all year long, going 5-0 SU in the regular season. HOME COURT ADVANTAGE DOES MATTER HERE! Grab the points, the play is NEW ORLEANS.

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