Schule's TNF HOF Game (73% NFLX Since 2019)
(NFL) Jacksonville vs. Las Vegas, 08/04/2022 8:00 PM, Score: 11 - 27
Point Spread: 2.50 | -105.00 Jacksonville (Away)
Result: Loss
This is a 1* play on the Jags.

The purpose of this small bet on the HOF Game is simply to get our feet wet. These games are typically meaningless low scoring games with neither team trying all that hard to win. We lean toward the Jags here simply because they have a lot more to prove. This team needs to get it's fan base excited enough to put buts in seats this season. Doug Pederson has a career pre-season record of 8-8, but he was 4-0 in his first year with the Eagles. Josh McDaniels has a career pre-season record of 2-6. This will be a pizza money type of bet.


Jesse Schule