(NBA) New York vs. Miami, 04/02/2024 7:30 PM, Score: 99 - 109
Money Line: -145.00 Miami (Home)
Result: Win
This is a 4* play on MIA.

When I heard Josh Hart's comments following the Knicks loss to the Thunder, my jaw hit the floor. I am sure I was not alone in thinking that it was like a bomb going off. "I'm looking at it like this is the team we're going to have," Hart said "I think that's how we have to approach it, that those guys aren't coming back and obviously we'll be pleasantly surprised if they come back." He suggested that OG Anunoby and Julius Randle might not be back this season. If that's true, here is why that is a problem. The Knicks are 15-2 with Anunoby in the lineup, which means they are just 29-28 without him. Add in Julius Randle and I think it's reasonable to say that they are a sub .500 team without those two guys. Now the Heat have been banged up all year, and have been able to remain competitive no matter who plays. It looks like they will have everyone not named Tyler Hero for tonight's game. The home team has won 7 STRAIGHT MEETINGS in this series. The Knicks have lost four straight at Miami.


Jesse Schule