(NHL) Boston vs. Washington, 05/15/2021 7:15 PM, Score: 2 - 3
Money Line: 115.00 Washington (Home)
Result: Win
The set-up: Boston and Washington have completely comparable offensive and defensive numbers. The Bruins didn't look great for the first half of the season, but they've been awfully sharp over the last two months. Washington has been dominating since Day 1, and now that the playoffs are here, I expect it to double down on the defensive end as well here at home.

The pick: Difficult to say too many negative things about Boston, I just think Washington should be a bigger favorite in this series and in Game 1. The Capitals are severely undervalued here in my opinion, and that's the reason I'm hammering them in Game 1!

This is a 10* BLOCKBUSTER on the Capitals.