10* COACHES CORNER: 13-7 and Counting!
(NBA) Miami vs. Detroit, 11/23/2021 7:00 PM, Score: 100 - 92
Point Spread: 9.50 | -105.00 Detroit (Home)
Result: Win

Is Miami the better team?

Clearly it is.

Am I calling for an outright upset?

I am not.

But I think that Miami comes in complacent here and "plays down" to the level of its competition.

Miami is 11-6 overall, but only 5-5 on the road. It's off a 103-100 loss at Washington.

Detroit is off the 121-116 loss to the Lakers, and it'll be plenty fired up after the scuffle with LeBron James etc.

The Pistons are on the road for a very tough road trip as well after this game, with a game at Milwaukee tomorrow, followed by the Clippers, Lakers, Portland and Phoenix. That puts added importance onto tonight's game to try and "steal" a victory.

Miami on the other hand is in Minnesota tomorrow night, followed by a game at the Bulls. I think the Heat get caught looking ahead.

No outright. Grab the points. 10* COACHES CORNER on Detroit.