NBA Monday Clippers vs Warriors Winner
(NBA) Golden State vs. LA Clippers, 10/30/2017 6:30 PM, Score: 141 - 113
Total: 221.50 | -103.00 Over
Result: Loss
MIT Simulator - NBA Monday Clippers vs Warriors Winner
MIT Simulator Score - Golden State 108.29, LA Clippers 102.67 - Projected Total Points: 210.96 - Current O/U: 221.5 - Variance to O/U: 10.54 - MIT Simulator shows Edge Factor of 10.54 points. Value in double digits. Projected box-score shows Warriors and Clippers combining for 20 three pointers, 58 two pointers, 35 free throws. Key factors noted: The Clippers have an O/U record of 0-5 this season and the Warriors have an O/U record of 13-20 the past two seasons when opposed by teams that allow 98 points or less per game. Clippers averaged 83.2 field goal attempts per game last season and this ranked 26th slowest pace in the league. Since a fast-paced opener versus the Lakers, the Clips have slowed the games right back down as their last four games have seen the Clippers and their opponent combine to average only 82.4 field goal attempts per game. Of course the Warriors are known for playing at a fast pace but Golden State surprisingly has had only 77 field goal attempts in 2 of their last 3 games. Also, the Warriors are finding out the hard way that if they want to win they might want to play a little more defense. Coming off of an embarrassing home loss versus Detroit, defensive intensity should be up in a big way tonight for Golden State. Strong O/U line value here per the simulation. Projected box-score made shots (as detailed above) equates to only 211 points per MIT Simulator. Play: UNDER