MLB Wednesday Dodgers vs Astros SIDE Winner
(MLB) Houston vs. LA Dodgers, 11/01/2017 4:20 PM, Score: 5 - 1
Money Line: -157.00 LA Dodgers (Home)
Result: Loss
MIT Simulator - MLB Wednesday Dodgers vs Astros Winner
MIT Simulator Score - Los Angeles 4.39, Houston 3.21 - Projected Margin: 1.18 - Current Money Line: -157 - MIT Simulator shows Edge Factor of slightly over one run which makes the run line "questionable" here but the money line certainly worthy of investment here. Projected box-score shows Dodgers outhitting Astros by 2.48 hits. Key factors noted: In Astros games, the home team has won 11 of 13! In Houston's ALCS with the Yankees, the home team won all 7 games and now the World Series has seen the home team take 4 of the 6 games. Speaking of hot streaks, Los Angeles has won 11 of their last 12 home games! Though there have been a few crazy finishes in this world series, there is still no disputing that, overall, the long-term more proven bullpen is the Dodgers which is another edge here in this "winner takes all" Game 7. In terms of starting pitching here, the Astros are 2-8 in Lance McCuller's last 10 starts. The Dodgers Yu Darvish had allowed a total of only 5 earned runs in 5 games before his struggles at Houston. Home field tonight keys resumption of Darvish dominance. Projected box-score shows Dodgers outhitting Astros by 1.56 extra base hits. Combination of hits (including extra base hits) equating to margin of 1.18 runs in favor of Los Angeles per MIT Simulator. Play: DODGERS