NBA Wednesday Jazz vs Blazers Winner
(NBA) Portland vs. Utah, 11/01/2017 5:00 PM, Score: 103 - 112
Point Spread: -3.50 | -107.00 Utah (Home)
Result: Win
MIT Simulator - NBA Wednesday Jazz vs Blazers Winner
MIT Simulator Score - Utah 101.81, Portland 89.24 - Projected Margin of Victory: 12.57 - Current Line: 3.5 - Variance to Line: 9.07 - MIT Simulator shows Edge Factor of 9.07 points. Value nearly double digits! Key factors noted: The home team has dominated this series with the host winning all 4 meeting last season straight up and against the spread. Utah is also 4-0 straight up and against the spread in home games this season. Portland has all home games between October 21st and November 17th road games with the exception of this one game at Utah. The Blazers may struggle with this scheduling quirk and "flame out" as this game goes on with it being the only road game in a span of four weeks. As a favorite the Jazz are 78-29 straight up and this is a very small point spread to cover. The Blazers are only 6-14 straight up in recent seasons when playing a team that allows 98 points or less per game. The Jazz are allowing only 93 points per game this season. Projected box-score shows Utah's defense being a key as they force 19 turnovers a game at home this season and Portland only forces 14 turnovers per game this season. In terms of offensive stats, the projection shows an overall edge for the Jazz as they are shooting 48.6% in home games this season and the Blazers are shooting 42.9% in all games this season. Net edge factors for Utah equating to victory by 12.57 points per MIT Simulator. Play: JAZZ