(NHL) NY Rangers vs. Pittsburgh, 05/13/2022 7:00 PM, Score: 5 - 3
Money Line: 104.00 Pittsburgh (Home)
Result: Loss
T.M. Selection: Pittsburgh Penguins.

I like the Pittsburgh Penguins to win this game against the New York Rangers on Friday. The Penguins lead this series 3-2 with a chance to close it out on home ice here and I think they are going to get the job done here. Unlike the rangers, the Penguins have been in this situation many times over the years and they have the veteran experience on their team over the rangers will help them to end the Rangers in this game. The Rangers won the most recent game in the series 5-3 on their home ice but that was a game that they trailed 2-0 in early and then had to make a comeback just to get the win and keep their playoff dream alive. The Penguins dominated the Rangers in their 2 games played in Pittsburgh and those games weren't even close at all. The Penguins scored 7 goals on the Rangers in both home games and Igor Shesterkin had to be pulled in both games. He looked better in their most recent game but that was on home ice and even then he still looked shaky with some of the goals he let in. Shesterkin looked rattled in their 2 games in Pittsburgh and there is a good chance that he will unravel again here due to the lack of playoff experience and lack of confidence in himself. If the Rangers can't rely on their goaltending here then they will have a mountain to climb in this game and even in their previous 2 games in Pittsburgh, they got the jump on the Rangers early and scored really quickly to take a big lead. I think this is going to be the end of the line here for the rangers. I like the Penguins to win this game and the series.

T.M. Prediction: 6-3 Penguins.