(MLB) San Francisco vs. St. Louis, 05/13/2022 8:15 PM, Score: 8 - 2
Money Line: -119.00 San Francisco (Away)
Result: Win
T.M. Selection: San Francisco Giants.

I like the San Francisco Giants to win this game against the St. Louis Cardinals on Friday. The Giants have won 5 games in a row now and just swept the Rockies in their most recent series. Their other 2 wins on this run before that series against the Rockies were both wins against the Cardinals after splitting a 4 game series with them. The Giants have looked a lot better on offense during this time with 4/5 of their previous 5 games having them put up 7+ runs themselves in the game. Their pitching has also been great, only giving up 3 runs total in their previous 2 games. The Cardinals have looked terrible lately, losing 4/5 of their previous 5 games and they just lost their most recent series to the Baltimore Orioles of all teams. They put up 10 runs in 1 of those games and struggled to score in the other 2 games. I think this is going to be another game that the Giants beat the Cardinals in since the Giants have been getting really hot while the Cardinals have been cooling off a lot lately. Logan Webb (4-1, 3.82 ERA) is up for the Giants here and the last team he faced was the Cardinals last week, being awarded with the win in that game and I think he is going to pitch an even better game here. Jordan Hicks (1-2, 3.78 ERA) is up for the Cardinals here and he hasn't been terrible this year but his team hasn't had a lot of success with him starting in their games either. He hasn't pitched deep into many games either and the Cardinals bullpen really hasn't been great lately either. I think this is a game that the Giants are going to win with great pitching and by scoring a ton of runs on the Cardinals here who have been in a slump lately. I think that slump continues here as the Giants keep getting hot in their games lately. I like the Giants to win this game.

T.M. Prediction: 5-1 Giants.