(NHL) Boston vs. Carolina, 05/14/2022 4:30 PM, Score: 2 - 3
Money Line: -138.00 Carolina (Home)
Result: Win
T.M. Selection: Carolina Hurricanes.

I like the Carolina Hurricanes to win this game against the Boston Bruins on Saturday. The Hurricanes have looked really good in their home games this series, with the home team winning every game of this series. I think that is going to continue in this game with a Hurricanes win here to eliminate the Bruins from the playoffs. Both of these teams have looked good at times in their games but it has become very clear that these 2 teams are struggling to win in road games and I expect the Hurricanes to be the more dominant team here. The Hurricanes have scored 5 goals in every home game of this series and they only gave up 2 goals in 1 of those games, giving up 1 goal in each of the other 2 games. The Bruins have not only had trouble winning their road games in this series, but they have been struggling to even score goals and I think those struggles are going to be their downfall here. The Hurricanes were a better team in their home games than their road games all year and they have been showing that in this series with their 3 big wins in their home games. This game is going to be dominated by the Hurricanes on home ice and I expect them to close out the series with no issues. I like the Hurricanes to win here.

T.M. Prediction: 5-2 Hurricanes.