(NFL) Denver vs. Las Vegas, 10/02/2022 4:25 PM, Score: 23 - 32
Point Spread: 2.50 | 101.00 Denver (Away)
Result: Loss
This is a 9* MONEY-BOMB on the Broncos.

I think, like a lot people, I am having a difficult time getting a firm READ on either of these teams.

We do know that only 2.5 percent of teams that start the season off 0-3 will even make the playoffs, so the Raiders are essentially already planning for next year at this point.

And then on the other side of the field, the 2-1 Denver Broncos paid over 220 million to Russell Wilson in the offseason and his performance so far has been anything but convincing.

But here's another great opportunity to erase some of these early doubts.

With a win the Broncos move to 3-1 and they are exactly where most people thought they'd be at this point of the season (and if they win here and the Chiefs lose at the Bucs, then Denver is leading the AFC West!)

I know that the Raiders really, really, really, need a win here to salvage any sort of hope, but I say there is no hope already.

I think that Wilson could potentially have his best game here yet and while I clearly believe an outright win is possible, in the end let's grab the points.

The play is DENVER.

Good luck, NP