(NFL) San Francisco vs. Kansas City, 02/11/2024 6:30 PM, Score: 22 - 25
Money Line: -110.00 San Francisco (Away)
Result: Loss
This is a 10* GOM on the 49ers moneyline.

If you've made it this far in the season and you've purchased this pick off of me, congratulations, because you are now part of a historic NFL Playoff run which has so far seen me go 10-3 with ALL releases (making a single pick on every game played so far!)

And that also means that if you're betting on this game, that the cast of characters on both sides of the field are well known, along with the strengths and weaknesses of each of these teams.

There are thousands of different story lines and if you have in fact been living under a bridge and don't know a single thing about this game, then just google it and you'll have literally 10 million "review" articles to choose from to get "up to date."

I'm here to tell you why I think San Francisco will not only win this game, but also cover the small spread at the same time.

First off, is the money really any "greener" here in the NFL than it is over in College hoops right now? There's only one game and every bookmaker has his eyes on this contest. The bottom line is, there's not a tremendous amount of "value" left here in this contest.

But, with nearly 65% of the early public money on the Chiefs, we're going to "go the other way" and go full on contrarian with this release. Let's bypass the spread, and just take the 49ers to win this game on the moneyline option.

Yes, the Chiefs made it back to the Super Bowl, but Kansas City is not putting the fear of god into anyone this year (I had the Chiefs last week.) KC has struggled with offensive consistency from game to game and now it faces a 49ers team that really "found" itself in the second half of its Division championship victory two weeks ago.

I think CMC and this 49ers offense will be too much for Patrick Mahomes this time around. The Chiefs' defense has been the storyline for KC to this point, but I still think this San Francisco offense will prove to be the difference-maker in this one.

San Fran has the advantage in almost every metric by my measure and my official call for Super Bowl 58 will indeed be to grab the 49ERS on the MONEYLINE.

Good luck, NP