5* Best Bet
(NFL) Tampa Bay vs. Las Vegas, 10/25/2020 8:20 PM, Score: 45 - 20
Point Spread: 4.00 | -105.00 Las Vegas (Home)
Bookmaker: PinnacleSports
Result: Loss
Taking the RAIDERS. Easy to say oh yeah Tampa. Tom Brady is the GOAT. They reeled off 38 straight vs Rodgers and the Packers. Ho-hum. Extra rest off a game where their HOF QB didn't know what down it was an embarrassed on national TV. Now they fly cross country to a team off their bye week. A team that just held a pretty good KC to 8 points after half-time. A team that has a RB that will run right at your defensive weak spot. Raiders not a bad bunch. Went on the road an beat a decent Carolina team. Beat the Saints here. Lost a tough one to the Bills turning the ball over 4 times. Beat the Chiefs on the road as double digit dogs. Lost to NE after that MNF Saints win. Let's not sell them short. Won't be shocked if we steal this one outright. 5* Best Bet LAS VEGAS RAIDERS