4* Money Maker
(MLB) Texas vs. Detroit, 07/21/2021 7:10 PM, Score: 2 - 4
Money Line: -116.00 Detroit (Home)
Result: Win
Taking the TIGERS, again. We ran out a nice RL win yesterday here. Maybe you just went ML. Today, we will go ML. We are taking our RL Magic to the Nationals tonight. So for me - simple thinking here. What is Texas doing? What are they excited about? Their ace was shelled the other night. Their best player is being talked about in trades. This team is a fade away for the rest of the season in my eyes. Now losses in 7 straight games. We like the Tigers F5 today because, 1 they are on a 10-1-3 91% F5 run and Texas has lost 8 straight F5's. But that is just some extra money for our pockets. Tigers now with 5 straight wins and again, playing so much better since their 9-24 start. 4* Money Maker DETROIT TIGERS