NBA Tuesday Lakers vs Pistons Winner
(NBA) Detroit vs. LA Lakers, 10/31/2017 6:30 PM, Score: 93 - 113
Point Spread: 4.50 | -109.00 LA Lakers (Home)
Result: Win
MIT Simulator - NBA Tuesday Lakers vs Pistons Winner
MIT Simulator Score - Los Angeles 105.72, Detroit 103.09 - Projected Margin of Victory: 2.63 - Current Line: +4.5 - Variance to Line: 7.13 - MIT Simulator shows Edge Factor of 7.13 points. Value in excess of a half-dozen points! Key factors noted: Pistons off of a huge upset over Warriors at Golden State as 25 Warriors turnovers were the key. Detroit has now won 3 straight games but the Pistons are 4-9 SU (and ATS) when on a winning streak of 3 or more consecutive victories. Lakers are off of an embarrassing loss at Utah where LA scored only 81 points. Los Angeles is 11-6 ATS after a game where they were held to 85 or less points. Detroit will be playing their 3rd road game in 4 days. Lakers have had 2 full days off since their loss to the Jazz. Projected box-score shows Detroit with an edge of 1.95 more two point field goals made in comparison with Los Angeles. Projection shows the Lakers with an edge of 1.10 more three point field goals made and 3.23 more free throws made than the Pistons. Hustle stats favor the Lakers with 1.19 more steals and 0.13 more blocked shots. Net edge factors for Los Angeles equating to an upset victory by 2.63 points - per MIT Simulator. Play: LAKERS