2nd of 3 Sunday 3 pack
(NCAAB) Kentucky vs. Kansas State, 03/19/2023 2:40 PM, Score: 69 - 75
Money Line: -146.00 Kentucky (Away)
Result: Loss
Kentucky -146 - excellent line value with this money line in the -145 range ... that means that Kentucky, instead of having to win by 4 if we were to lay the 3 points here, only have to win this game straight-up to cash the ticket ... odds are good that happens here as Kansas State is off their first March Madness win in 5 years ... do not expect lightning to strike twice ... KSU had lost 6 of 11 before the win over Montana State in round one and they face a much tougher test with this Kentucky team now ... lay the money line with the favorite for NCAAB Best Bet