(NFL) Chicago vs. LA Rams, 09/12/2021 8:20 PM, Score: 14 - 34
Point Spread: -7.00 | -119.00 LA Rams (Home)
Result: Win
T.M. Selection: LA Rams.

I like the LA Rams to cover the spread against the Chicago Bears on Sunday night. The Rams acquired Matt Stafford in a trade during the offseason and they will be eager to test him out in this game. He defintely has some better weapons here in LA than he did in Detroit and he was already a great quarterback over there, a bright spot on a dull team. He should get this eplosive offense moving again especially with Sean McVay calling the plays. The Bears have insisted that Andy Dalton will be the starting quarterback for them in the regular season and he has done nothing but look awful in the preseason. The offense clearly runs better with Justin Fields at the helm and until they make that change the Bears will be a bet aginst team so I like the Rams to cover in a blowout fashion.

T.M. Prediction: 31-14 Rams.