Marc Lawrence 38-0 ATS Perfect NBA Jaw-Dropping Top Key Play!
(NBA) Milwaukee vs. Orlando, 04/14/2024 1:00 PM, Score: 88 - 113
Point Spread: -4.50 | -110.00 Orlando (Home)
Result: Win
Play - Orlando Magic (Game 512).

> Edges on the Magic:
• 11-1 ATS when coming off three SU favorite losses in a row, including 9-0 ATS with a win percentage of .200 or greater
• 18-6 ATS as a home favorite this season, including 10-0 ATS with a win percentage less than .575
• 11-2 SU and 10-2 ATS as a home favorite versus a foe coming off a loss of more than 7 points this season, including 5-0 ATS if the Magic is coming off a loss
• 3-1 SU and 4-0 ATS when coming off three exact losses this season
• 11-6 SUATS in Last Home Games, including 6-0 SUATS with a win percentage of more than .450

> Edges against the Bucks:
• 0-4 SUATS away versus foe playing in Last Home Games of the season

> Conclusion:
• With the Magic looking to maintain the No. 5 seed in the Eastern Conference playoff race with a win today, and playing with same-season revenge from a pair of losses, we recommend a solid 3-unit play on Orlando. We wish you the best of luck tonight and thank you for your continuing support.

**Selection ratings:
1* free play,
2* quality opinion play,
3* top quality selection,
4* top quality strong selection,
5* top quality exceptional selection,
10* top quality highest rated selection.
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