MLB Comp
(MLB) Philadelphia vs. St. Louis, 04/10/2024 1:15 PM, Score: 4 - 3
Money Line: -129.00 Philadelphia (Away)
Result: Win
The Phillies have won three of their last 5 games. They are playing well offensively and scored 16 runs in their last 5 games. They hit into 6 double-plays the past 2 games which hurt their chances to score runs.
Expect them to continue playing well offensively in this game because they hit the ball well in recent games and they’ve had a lot of success against Lynn, who gave up four runs in his last start and hasn't pitched well the past 2 seasons.. He gave up six runs in his last two starts against the Phillies and will have a hard time slowing them down in this game.

Go with Philadelphia to win this afternoon!