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The owners of American Sports Analysts (ASA), Lee Kostroski & Mike Merlet, have a combined 50+ years in the sports betting industry and have learned through firsthand experience what works and what doesn’t. Both started with Doc’s Enterprises, Lee in the late 80’s and Mike in the early 90’s. After learning the handicapping trade from one of the oldest in the business, they started ASA Inc in 1997 and have been going strong ever since. They have been known throughout the industry for their success on BIG GAMES including their 10* Midwest Game of the Year. ASA is located in Madison, WI and a foundation of their handicapping prowess revolves around the heart of the country– especially the Big Ten. ASA has appeared on numerous radio shows throughout the country as special expert football guests including Tampa, New Orleans, Madison, Milwaukee, Memphis, Las Vegas, and Denver just to name a few. They were also featured on the ESPN website with gaming writer Chad Millman during the 2011 Season. ASA’s handicapping methods have evolved through years of hard work and research being the anchor of their success. Rather than implementing one specific strategy as many handicappers do, they intertwine many different philosophies when it comes to making football, basketball, hockey, and baseball selections. They utilize their massive database that goes back over 30 years and can give them in-depth information on any situation you can think of when it comes to handicapping. That is not where they stop, however. They also research stats and film each week to evaluate the upcoming match ups on the field along with speaking with their personal contacts throughout the country (especially in theMidwest). On top of that, they analyze each point spread (and their movements) comparing them with their own power ratings to find where an edge might be found. Lastly, their predictive analytics or math models predict the outcomes of games based solely on numbers and statistics that are not swayed by the human element. So, as you can see, just because a game may fall into a successful system or the scheduling looks good to go against or with a certain team, that doesn’t mean that ASA automatically uses it as a selection. It must go through their in-depth process with all things considered before they give it the ASA stamp of approval. Looking at games from all these angles gives ASA the best of all worlds when it comes to handicapping. Their handicapping theories have proven successful over the years which has them as one of the more tenured experts in the industry. Lee & Mike at ASA have stood the test of time in an industry that makes it very tough to do so. Their 50+ years of experience will give you the WINNING EDGE you need. Sports wagering is an investment and it is time you invest in the known commodity of ASA!
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Premium Picks
ASA's CBB Blowout Crusher 2 ET - 26-12 / 68% RUN!
ELITE Side EARLY in Saturday CBB for ASA! Don't miss their CBB Blowout CRUSHER! ASA's Crushers have been particularly LETHAL to the books: WHITE HOT 26-12 / 68% RUN after Friday's results included CASHING another CRUSHER! That one was in NBA and this one is in CBB and offers MASSIVE VALUE! It falls into ASA's category of a MUST PLAY! Big Ten! 2 ET!
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#1 STRONGEST Crusher Side in this weekend's NFL for ASA! ASA's Crushers have been particularly LETHAL to the books! Entering Friday, WHITE HOT 25-12 / 68% RUN after Thursday's results included CASHING another Total CRUSHER! This one offers MASSIVE VALUE and falls into ASA's category of MUST PLAY! ASA's NFL fell short last weekend! Now, BIG PAYBACK!
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ASA's 10* NFL Div Rd *GAME OF THE YEAR* 71% RUN!
ASA's GAME OF THE YEAR record includes NHL GOY (+165 DOG WIN) and, in NBA: Eastern Conf, 2nd Rd, 1st Rd; in MLB: AL East Total! All those GAME OF THE YEAR plays WON! With NFL GAMES OF THE YEAR, it is a 71% RUN including NFL *GAME OF THE YEAR* Broncos! Their BIGGEST PLAY of the NFL Divisional Round goes Saturday! #1 STRONGEST NFL SIDE!
1 pick (1 NFL)
First game starts 13 hours from now
ASA's NFL #1 Total Crusher - 25-12 / 68% RUN!
#1 STRONGEST Crusher Total in this weekend's NFL for ASA! ASA's Crushers have been particularly LETHAL to the books! Entering Friday, WHITE HOT 25-12 / 68% RUN after Thursday's results included CASHING another Total CRUSHER! This one offers MASSIVE VALUE and falls into ASA's category of MUST PLAY! ASA NFL fell short last week but 16-9 NFL O/U YTD!
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ASA has been an industry standard brand for one big reason ... consistent winning! Jump on board and share in the WINNING as you witness for yourself!

ASA on MASSIVE bankroll-building +$25,109 (331-289) ALL sports RUN since January 2020. STREAKS: 11-5 NHL premiums RUN! NBA Premiums 6-3 RUN! NFL Top Totals 16-9 (64%) on the SEASON! CBB Top Games 43-26 (62%) RUN!
Free Picks
ASA Free Play Saturday CBB
(NCAAB) San Diego State vs. Utah State, 01/16/2021 1:30 PM
Point Spread: 4.00 | -110.00 San Diego State (Away)
#625 ASA FREE PLAY ON San Diego State +3.5 over Utah State, Saturday at 1:30 PM ET - We always like considering good teams off losses and that’s what we have here. Not only did SDSU lose on Thursday night, they lost to this Utah State team. The Aztecs lost by 12 in that Thursday loss but shot terribly at 31% making only 17 of their 54 shot attempts. They are one of the better 3-point shooting teams in the nation (36th) but only mad 24% of their shots from beyond the arc in that loss. It was their worst offensive outing of the year by a wide margin. Earlier in the season they were in a similar situation losing to Colorado State on the road on a Saturday and then beating them by 13 just 2 days later. We were on SDSU on that game and expect a similar outcome here. Utah State is a solid 10-3 on the year however Thursday was their first win over a top 100 opponent. The 3 other top 100 opponents they had faced before Thursday (VCU, BYU, and South Dakota State) all resulted in losses with 2 of those setbacks coming by double digits. Beyond those game, plus their game vs San Diego State, the Aggies haven’t faced a single team ranked inside the top 200. Utah State was favored by just 1 point on Thursday and now they are laying 3.5 here which we feel is a bad number. San Diego State has been solid bounce back team covering 8 of their last 10 off a loss including both games following their 2 losses this year prior to Thursday. We like SDSU to win this one outright.
Last 10 Picks
(NBA) LA Clippers vs Sacramento, 01/15/2021 10:00 PM, Score: 138 : 100
Play Type Result
Total: 227.50 | -106.00, Over Premium Win
(NHL) Vancouver vs Edmonton, 01/14/2021 9:00 PM, Score: 2 : 5
Play Type Result
Total: 5.50 | -131.00, Over Premium Win
(NBA) Charlotte vs Toronto, 01/14/2021 7:30 PM, Score: 108 : 111
Play Type Result
Point Spread: -7.50 | -113.00, Toronto (Home) Premium Loss
(NCAAB) Stanford vs Utah, 01/14/2021 5:00 PM, Score: 65 : 79
Play Type Result
Point Spread: 1.50 | -109.00, Utah (Home) Premium Win
(NHL) St. Louis vs Colorado, 01/13/2021 10:30 PM, Score: 4 : 1
Play Type Result
Money Line: -134.00, Colorado (Home) Premium Loss
(NBA) Dallas vs Charlotte, 01/13/2021 7:00 PM, Score: 104 : 93
Play Type Result
Total: 220.00 | -110.00, Under Premium Win
(NCAAB) North Carolina State vs Florida State, 01/13/2021 6:30 PM, Score: 73 : 105
Play Type Result
Point Spread: 4.50 | -108.00, North Carolina State (Away) Premium Loss
(NBA) Denver vs Brooklyn, 01/12/2021 7:30 PM, Score: 116 : 122
Play Type Result
Point Spread: 1.00 | -108.00, Brooklyn (Home) Premium Win
(NCAAB) Duke vs Virginia Tech, 01/12/2021 7:00 PM, Score: 67 : 74
Play Type Result
Point Spread: 2.00 | -105.00, Virginia Tech (Home) Premium Win
(NBA) New Orleans vs Dallas, 01/11/2021 8:30 PM, Score: 0 : 0
Play Type Result
Total: 218.50 | -104.00, Under Premium Push