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The Insiders Room
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What is "The Insiders Room?" "The Insiders Room" is the internet's premier Discord community filled with a network of savvy sports bettors from around the world. These bettors share information and debate opinions. There's live streaming, community chat, and podcasts - all of which make for a lively and highly informative forum. When the ten founding members of the Insiders Room "Group," who oversee the day-to-day operations, come to at least a 60 percent "CONSENSUS," that's when they release the pick! Why pay for just ONE opinion, when you can get TEN for the same price?! What sports does The Insiders Room bet on? The Insiders Room is home to specialists in every sport, everything from tennis to cricket to Korean baseball. However, the premium releases will mostly include the following sports: NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, MLB, EPL, NHL, TENNIS, and UFC. What are The Insiders Room's handicapping systems/methods? It's simple, it's based upon a "CONSENSUS MODEL." When The Insiders Room group comes to at least a 60% "CONSENSUS," that's the moment they'll release a pick, no matter what sport it comes in. What should I expect for pick volume and release time? Over the course of a year, the Insiders Room will feature in the neighborhood of 2000 plays, roughly 4 to 6 per day. Picks from daily sports are available before noon ET, often the day before the game. Football picks are released throughout the week, starting from the instant the lines are released.


3 Days (09/27/2023 - 09/30/2023)
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Hot Streaks

87-65 MLB run. Also finished on a 70% NHL run over the final three months, and on a 5-0 NHL run in the Finals!

Last 10 Picks

(MLB) Texas vs LA Angels, 09/26/2023 9:38 PM, Score: 3 : 9
Point Spread: 1.50 | 100.00, LA Angels (Home) Premium Win
(MLB) Texas vs LA Angels, 09/25/2023 9:38 PM, Score: 5 : 1
Money Line: -174.00, Texas (Away) Premium Win
(NFL) LA Rams vs Cincinnati, 09/25/2023 8:15 PM, Score: 16 : 19
Total: 43.00 | -113.00, Over Premium Loss
(NFL) Philadelphia vs Tampa Bay, 09/25/2023 7:15 PM, Score: 25 : 11
Point Spread: -4.50 | -115.00, Philadelphia (Away) Premium Win
(NFL) Pittsburgh vs Las Vegas, 09/24/2023 8:20 PM, Score: 23 : 18
Point Spread: -2.50 | -115.00, Las Vegas (Home) Premium Loss
(MLB) Toronto vs Tampa Bay, 09/24/2023 1:10 PM, Score: 9 : 5
Money Line: -112.00, Tampa Bay (Home) Premium Loss
(NFL) New England vs NY Jets, 09/24/2023 1:00 PM, Score: 15 : 10
Point Spread: -2.50 | -115.00, New England (Away) Premium Win
(MLS) Los Angeles FC vs Philadelphia Union, 09/23/2023 7:30 PM, Score: 0 : 0
Money Line: 118.00, Philadelphia Union (Home) Premium Push
(MLB) Kansas City vs Houston, 09/23/2023 7:10 PM, Score: 3 : 2
Point Spread: -1.50 | -130.00, Houston (Home) Premium Loss
(NCAAF) Ohio vs Bowling Green, 09/23/2023 3:30 PM, Score: 38 : 7
Point Spread: 13.00 | -108.00, Bowling Green (Home) Premium Loss