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The Insiders Room
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What is "The Insiders Room?" "The Insiders Room" is a growing Discord community, filled with a network of savvy sports bettors from around the world. These bettors share information and debate opinions. There's live-streaming with plenty of discussion about in-game wagering and second half options. It makes for a lively and highly informative forum. Company founder and veteran handicapper Nick Parsons runs the show. Nick sifts through the information, separating the wheat from the chaff, while often using that information to assist in making his own personal selections. Last year Parsons was documented at 82% with his NFL "live" wagers. What sports does The Insiders Room bet on? The Insiders Room is home to specialists in every sport, everything from tennis to cricket to Korean baseball. However, Nick's personal premium releases include the following sports: NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, MLB, EPL, NHL, TENNIS and UFC. What are The Insider Room's handicapping systems/methods? After more than two decades in the sports betting industry, Nick's instincts are razor sharp. First and foremost, Parsons considers himself a situational handicapper. He's also become a master of "handicapping the handicappers," displaying an uncanny knack for knowing when to agree (or disagree) with the members of "The Insiders Room" network. What is The Insider Room's strategy for pick rating and bankroll management? Nick personally always bets the same amount on every play. If it's good enough for him to attach "The Insider Room's" name to it, it's a big play! However, he also recognizes that those following his picks often have a need to differentiate between his biggest plays and his regular ones. Therefore, picks are rated on a 5-10* basis here, 10*'s being the highest. Nick urges everyone to find books that don't gouge on the vig/juice and to have more than one out. In his opinion, these two very basic, but very important rules are a big part of what separates serious sports bettors, from casual ones. What should I expect for pick volume and release time? Over the course of a year, the Insiders Room will feature in the neighborhood of 2000 plays, roughly 5 1/2 per day. Picks from daily sports are available before noon ET, often the day before the game. Football picks are released throughout the week, starting from the instant the lines are released.
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After posting three straight winning cards, we've gone just 1-2 each of the last two days.

Time to return to our BIG TIME WINNING WAYS on Sunday.

We're 41-30 to start the 2022 MLB season after going 170-138 (+$12,000) ALL MLB last year.

We're also on a SWEET 55-32 (+$21,000) NBA streak.

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We're off to a winning start to the 2022 MLB season after going 170-138 (+$12,000) ALL MLB last year.

We're also on a SWEET 55-32 (+$21,000) NBA streak.

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Last 10 Picks
(NBA) Miami vs Boston, 05/21/2022 8:30 PM, Score: 109 : 103
Total: 207.00 | -105.00, Under Premium Loss
(NHL) Colorado vs St. Louis, 05/21/2022 8:00 PM, Score: 5 : 2
Total: 6.50 | -110.00, Over Premium Win
(MLB) Seattle vs Boston, 05/21/2022 4:10 PM, Score: 5 : 6
Total: 9.00 | -101.00, Under Premium Loss
(NHL) Edmonton vs Calgary, 05/20/2022 10:30 PM, Score: 5 : 3
Total: 6.50 | 109.00, Under Premium Loss
(NBA) Dallas vs Golden State, 05/20/2022 9:00 PM, Score: 117 : 126
Total: 214.00 | -105.00, Over Premium Win
(MLB) Cincinnati vs Toronto, 05/20/2022 7:07 PM, Score: 1 : 2
Total: 8.50 | 100.00, Over Premium Loss
(NBA) Boston vs Miami, 05/19/2022 8:30 PM, Score: 127 : 102
Total: 207.50 | -105.00, Over Premium Win
(MLB) Seattle vs Boston, 05/19/2022 7:10 PM, Score: 6 : 12
Total: 8.50 | -115.00, Over Premium Win
(NHL) Tampa Bay vs Florida, 05/19/2022 7:00 PM, Score: 2 : 1
Total: 6.50 | 105.00, Under Premium Win
(NBA) Dallas vs Golden State, 05/18/2022 9:00 PM, Score: 87 : 112
Point Spread: 5.00 | 101.00, Dallas (Away) Premium Loss