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Nick has been involved in the sports handicapping industry, both publicly and behind the scenes, working with the World's top handicappers, major site owners and other personalities and figure heads, for more than 20 years. Parsons went back to University and got his masters degree in communications and he's worked on award winning films and documentaries as well. Over the years though Nick has found that he's become a master of "handicapping the handicappers" and that's how "The Insiders Room" was formed. "The Insiders Room" is a growing Discord forum that's filled with hundreds of savvy cappers from around the World and Nick releases consensus and other picks which he deems to be the groups' "best." Money management, meaning that you never deviate from unit size, is the motto in which Parsons lives by. Nick recommends to always bet the same amount on every play and he also urges everyone to find a book which doesn't gouge you on the vig/juice. In Nick's opinion these two very basic, but very important rules are what separates serious sports bettors, from casual ones.
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(NHL) Minnesota vs. Vancouver, 08/04/2020 10:45 PM
Total: 5.50 | 110.00 Over
Bookmaker: Bodog
This is a 1* FREE PLAY on the OVER Wild/Canucks.

The Minnesota Wild and Vancouver Canucks are very familiar with each other. I actually had a play on the Wild in Game 1. If you didn't have a chance to see that analysis, I believe it's worth a quick read now:

<i>Minnesota took two of three in the regular season, and we think this opening contest favors the Wild as well.

Minnesota had an up and down year though, while the younger Canucks were putting together their best campaign in on a long time.

Minnesota though comes in healthy with a good mix of old and young talent. The Canucks just don't have much experience and in this pressure packed and weird scenario, I definitely think that favors the stronger Wild team.

Vancouver's top two lines are powerful, but Minnesota has four more well rounded lines. I believe this will help in the Wild's favor today as well.

But many of the Canucks' players will be seeing playoff hockey for the first time in their lives.

At a pick-em, we're backing the more experienced line-up in Game 1.</i>

The Canucks first two lines are filled with offensive talent and I can't see them being held off the score sheet again. The Wild looked great on both ends of the ice, but expect them to have their hands full this time around with this now highly motivated Canucks team. I'm hammering the OVER in this one!

Good luck, NP
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