(MLB) Texas vs. Tampa Bay, 04/03/2024 1:10 PM, Score: 4 - 1
Money Line: 107.00 Texas (Away)
Result: Win
We believe the wrong team is favored. TEXAS has a better pitcher on the mound, a superior lineup, and their bullpen is performing at a higher level. Eovaldi is a model of consistency year in and year out. Over the L3 years, Eovaldi has produced better numbers on the road vs at home. He has also shut down the Rays offense: 112 plate appearances, 30% K rate, .167 BAA, .212 wOBA.

This Rangers offense is built to hit both righties and lefties well. They have several batters off to hot starts and are 2nd in the league in w/RC+ to start the season.
Take the Rangers here on Wednesday afternoon.