(MLB) San Diego vs. Milwaukee, 04/15/2024 7:40 PM, Score: 7 - 3
Money Line: 100.00 San Diego (Away)
Result: Win
San Diego played in last night's Sunday Night Baseball game in LA and won that game 6-3. Even though they now have to travel to Milwaukee, the Padres will have plenty of momentum coming into this game. It's still very early in the season, so travel shouldn't really be an issue for many teams quite yet.

Milwaukee started out very well, and looked good vs the Oroiles I don't see them going too far this season. Losing Corbin Burnes in the offseason really hurt their pitching rotation. Now, they are forced to play Joe Ross, a starter who has been struggling at Washington for many years.

The Padres have won consecutive series' now and should be a threat for the rest of the season if they can continue to hit well. Take the Padres here on Monday night.